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Exies: The Final Act of Love ( II )

Exies: The Final Act of Love ( II )

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Men have this funny way of waiting until they lose the woman of their dreams, to realize she’s the woman of their dreams. Mark Miller is no different. If you remember correctly, in “SideBitch: A Twisted Love Story”, Mark got another woman pregnant and then married her before he realized Kiana Sims was the woman of his dreams. When Kiana finally found the strength to leave the Mark Miller circus, she was able to fully indulge in her relationship with Chris; which was nothing short of amazing. With a thriving business, a great circle of friends and a husband-material boyfriend, Kiana found herself incredibly happy. Perhaps happiness is subjective because even in a state of pure bliss, she still finds herself sitting face to face with a therapist. Mark and Kiana had one twisted love story so it only makes sense that he finds himself attempting to evoke one final act of love. We all know Kiana stands firm in living in your truth but will the truth stand in the way of her happiness? | SIGNED COPY. Book 2/3

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