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SideB!tch: A Twisted Love Story ( I )

SideB!tch: A Twisted Love Story ( I )

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Kiana Sims wasn’t looking for Mr. Right. She wasn’t even looking for Mr. Right Now, Mark Miller just fell right into her lap. Mark is a former NBA player whose personality is so charming, it’s almost manipulative and somehow Kiana gets caught up in what every girl fears most: a SITUATIONSHIP. In an attempt to keep her sanity, Kiana walks away from her not-so-relationship with Mark. Oddly, as the universe would have it, the connection between these two is so deep that time, space, not even a whole relationship, can keep them away from each other. Kiana knows better than to be with a man in a relationship, hell, she values herself too much to be with a man in a relationship but with Mark’s manipulative charm, their unbreakable soul connection and incredible sex, she finds herself being a SideBitch. All men cheat, but they never fall in love with their SideBitch. Could Kiana be so incredible, could the connection be so undeniable, can the sex be such a mind-fuck that Mark is willing to pay, just for her to stay? | SIGNED COPY. Book 1/3

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